Animation Commissions


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Pixel Sprite

An animation in a pixelated style. 80 by 80 pixels, 4 frames, any fps
Price: $10 to $15

Simple Chibi

An animation with 3 moving parts: body, eye, and extra. 4 seconds long in 720x720 dimensions
Price: $15 to $20

Frame by Frame

An animation proccess that takes longer, but looks better for characters with particle effects or complex movements.
Price: $5 per frame

Full Motion

An animation with a high limit to moving parts.
Price: $35 to $40


An animation where the characters don't move much, but have context in scenery.
Price: $40 to $60

Animation Meme

An animation of a character(s) to a given song. Includes a storyboard. 16 fps
Price: $20 per second

Note: prices may change depending on character complexity, reference provided, and other factors



Hello! I am Pinkflammess, a commission artist and hobbist. I really love creating things, be it animation, comics, poetry, or short fiction.
If you have any questions or want to get a quote, please email me at: